graeme and meagen         Hello Everyone and Welcome,

First, a little a bit about ourselves. Our names are Graeme and Meagen, we are the parents to a combined family of six children and grandparents to five grandchildren. We live in a lovely little town in the Bay of Plenty.

Our goal for this business is to build up a large product  base, with quality and affordability in mind, with being parents we have found that one product doesn’t fit all. What works for one child and parent may not work for another.

Baby must have will include a large variety of different products from the “basic must haves” for raising a child to the latest products from overseas, all to make your parenting journey easier.

Parenting is the most exciting, exhausting, challenging, wonderful experience in the world. With our busy life styles every item that can make your life a little easier is a “must have.”

Enjoy being parents it’s a wonderful journey!

Graeme and Meagen Devonshire