little bamboo

Little bamboo - Baby Friendly and Earth Friendly

Bringing together 40 years of history and innovation, Little Bamboo is one of the most popular and long-standing ranges of bamboo baby textiles in Australia. They are designed to perform as well if not better than cotton. But unlike regular cotton, bamboo is a renewable man-made - but natural - fibre that is organically grown without pesticides and little to no water.

Little Bamboo is a beautiful and soft nursery range of delicate muslin, super soft toweling, sensuous sheeting and beautiful blankets, and is one of the most comprehensive and innovative ranges of bamboo baby textiles the world over.

The Little Bamboo range was developed to be both incredibly functional and extremely aesthetic. This range is a result of extensive research and development to ensure the best balance of construction and composition is achieved. Little Bamboo products are softer, more breathable, and warmer or cooler when needed.


little bamboo towelling soft     little bamboo blankets     little bamboo muslin


  • More breathable than cotton - happy baby,
  • Environmentally conscious & organically grown bamboo fibre, 
  • Warmer in winter and cooler in summer - comfy baby.