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Introducing Mellipou's Pacifier Clips

Available in a gorgeous array of fabrics, the Mellipou's Cloud-shaped Pacifier Clip is a must-have for baby. They are available in a range of signature Mellipou fabrics to complete your collection.
As well as looking super-cute, the Pacifier Clip has a job to do! The soft silicone ring will attach to most pacifiers to keep them safe and the squishy cloud will keep your little one entertained.
The ribbon tags look great while providing sensory stimulation, and you can attach the cloud to baby's clothing for added security.

Mellipou- Pacifier- Clip


Features & BenefitsMellipou- Pacifier -Clip & arrow- rattle- Amy- duck

  • 100% Cotton outer
  • Machine Washable : 30°C
  • Size : 23 x 11 cm
  • Weight : 34 gr
  • Designed & Handmade in Paris
  • Soft elastic silicone ring to fit most pacifiers
  • Sensory ribbon tags
  • Beautiful fabric options
  • Safety Tested & Certified