Snuggle Me Organic


The incredibly simple, yet practical design makes the Snuggle Me Organic perfect for basically everything.

Use the Snuggle Me Organic for…

tummy time
infant massage
acid reflux relief
as a changing station

…and is an absolute must-have for mothers with multiples!
Designed for babies 0-6 months, the Snuggle Me Organic imitates for baby the feeling of being held or touched. When baby is surrounded in this secure “snuggle” they are calmer and more content.


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The Snuggle Me Organic is designed with patented center sling technology. This un-padded and slightly raised hammock style support provides your baby with support, security, safety, and comfort – diminishing their startle reflex – leading them to a more content rest.

Because of our patented technology, the sides of the cushion will gently pull in to snuggle your baby when they are laid on top of the cushion. This gives them the feel of being held or touched, helping them to stay content and also rest in longer, more solid intervals.

Since babies spend 9-10 months tucked securely inside their mother’s womb, babies are naturally comforted by anything that reminds them of that secure place.

The Snuggle Me Organic provides a familiar hug that helps babies stay content when not in mother’s arms. This allows babies to feel calm and content, helping them to get the rest they need.

As for mom, she needs to be able to care for herself as well as her new baby postpartum. And of course, It is easier to do so if she feels confident that her baby is safe and content.

The Snuggle Me Organic is a time tested and honored tradition. The idea of surrounding babies to calm them and to help them feel secure is a very old and tried method. Even in NICUs, nurses will roll up blankets and place them around baby’s sides so their need for confinement and security is met. (NICU nurses have explained to us that when they don’t do this, babies will wiggle and scootch their way to the sides of the incubators, searching for a secure boundary).

The Snuggle Me Organic gives babies that same security, but safely, without loose blankets or pillows.

Because of it’s sleek, modern design, the cushion will form a sling around baby’s spine. This creates a hammock-like effect keeping baby safely positioned on their backs-they are not able to roll or turn against their own weight.

And with only a few inches of height, baby does not sink deeply into the cushion; just enough to give them the feelings of confinement and security that they crave.