Swaddle UP Summer Lite – Cream

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A breakthrough baby swaddling solution to help your new baby quickly settle  and establish a peaceful bedtime/sleep routine.

The Swaddle UP Summer Lite ™ is made from an ultra sheer & cool fabric that is 30% lighter than the Swaddle UP™ Original fabric meaning that it is not only lighter than muslin wrapping but even more convenient to use.

Suitable for babies 0-4 months old

Available in 3 sizes



The Love to Dream Swaddle Up is the only baby swaddle that has patented wings, allowing  your baby to sleep in a more natural position with their arms UP & legs splayed. The arms UP position gives your baby access to their hands aiding self-soothing and a calmer, more settled baby at bedtime.

 Simply a smarter swaddle wrap

Love to Dream’s goal from day one has been to help your baby (& of course you) achieve longer, better quality sleep. Through true innovation, & a real understanding of the challenges that ALL new parents face around sleep, the Love To Dream™ Sleep System was born.

The only baby swaddle wrap with patented Arms UP wings

The Love To Swaddle UP™ is STAGE 1 in the Love To Dream™ Sleep system. This unique & patented design allows you to swaddle baby with arms UP & legs splayed in a more natural sleeping position, giving your baby access to his or her hands. Just being able to gently touch & rub their own face, or suck on their hands without restriction, is key to your baby self-soothing. And your baby self-soothing means more sleep for everyone! Love To Swaddle UP™ baby wraps are specifically designed to help your baby to quickly settle & establish an easy & peaceful sleep routine.

An innovative baby wrap is designed to help your baby to sleep longer

Medical research suggests that babies will sleep better if they are swaddled & if they can self-soothe. The ergonomic shape & specifically engineered 3600 stretch fabric of this baby swaddle wraps helps to reduce the risk of swaddling too tightly- as long as you have the right fit for your baby. But most importantly, unlike some traditional swaddle wraps, the Love To Swaddle UP™ applies gentle & even pressure around the body, which may help to settle your baby. Your baby will stay comfortably, snugly wrapped & settled all night long. We call this ‘everyday genius’™.